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ESD Test & Measurement Instruments & Eliminators

Combo Tester Z134 + Dual Footplate Z124F for access control)

Wrist straps and ESD footwears are the first line of defence against electrostatic charge build up on the human body. They are designed to carry away this charge as soon as it is generated. At the same time the wriststrap/footwear must remain electrically safe for the user. Thus, it is important to test every wrist strap/footwear regularly.

The maximum wrist strap resistance should not be more than 10 meg ohms and Footwear resistance should not be more than 35 Mega ohms. Also the resistance should not be less than 0.75 Mohm as protection to the wearer from dangerous voltages.

This COMBO TESTER is a combination Wriststrap & DUAL footwear tester which checks these parameters under actual realtime operating conditions. The footwear section gives a warning if either of the Footwear is defective. This is done by keeping 1 foot on the plate at a time.

Door Access System

Before entering the EPA (ESD Protected Area) personnel need to test their Wrist Strap/ESD footwear. Access into the EPA is allowed by the release of the Electromagnetic lock only if the resistance of the Wrist Strap/ESD footwear is within the Pass limits.