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Magnifier & Visual Inspection Systems

Video Zoom inspection magnifiers- L104

Video Inspection System L-140

The Sleek compact inspection system with low cost.

Video Inspection System the inherent benefits of Visual inspection-i.e. stress free working for user and maximum productivity and reliability for the organization. Video Inspection System uses the most appropriate cameras, Optics and illuminations to deliver the best result at lowest cost. The product is engineered for a shop environment and product sold 10 years ago, are still in active, daily use.

Now we are introducing new model which is sleek compact Video Inspection System. This highly versatile video inspection device with its accessories will be of great utility in your work.

This is our standard compact model can be used for inspection of electronic components, mechanical components, rubber components, etc. We are happy to introduce a complete locally manufactured world class product at the most competitive price in the market.

The product photograph is shown below, followed by its specifications and scope of supply.

The product runs with a PC and monitor and this is not part of the quoted price. Plug into a PC USB port and inspect on a PC screen. The recommended minimal PC configuration is

Dual core or more, 2 GB RAM or better with a DVD Drive
Windows 7, Free USB 2.0 Ports, Monitor 17-inch CRT/LCD


  • Magnification Range : 5.5X to 50.5X. (on 22” monitor) at 140mm height.
  • Field of View: 67 mm to 7mm diagonal.
  • Minimum Working Distance : 140 mm.
  • Permissible height of Object : 0 to 100 mm.
  • System Size : length = 350 mm, width = 280mm, height = 425mm.
  • Top Illumination : Provided by CFL ring light.