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Solder & Fluxes (Lead Free)

Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder Wire

PAI Sn99.3Cu0.7 RoHS compliance solder wires are being formulated with virgin raw metals processed in state-of-the-art Vaccualloy Technology that brings world class quality along. Here, oxygen interaction with alloy is nil and thus, dross formulation is reduced at PCB assembly process. Also an increased flow rate & reduced impurities found. PAI Sn99.3Cu0.7 alloy is compatible for a typical range of flux application formulas used in Electronics Industry today.

Storage & Handling

Alloy Composition

Sl No Item Specification Standard
1 Appearance Bright and shiny surface finishes  
2 Alloy Sn99.3Cu0.7 JIS-Z-3282 A CLASS, ISO9453
3 Melting Point 227°C DSC
4 Flux Content 1.5%,2%,2.2% & 2.3% ±0.2 % NC flux JIS-Z-3283
5 Halide Content Under 0.05% J-STD-004
6 Gravity 7.4gm/cm³ at 20°C  
7 Spread ability > 80% JIS-Z-3197
8 Packaging 500gm  
9 Diameters / Tolerances 16SWG,18SWG,20SWG,22SWG,24 JIS-Z-3283
10 Flux Type ROL0 J-STD-004
11 Shelf Life 5 Years NA
12 RoHS Complaint Yes International Standards
13 Features Excellent solder joint reliability. Superior joint strength.
14 Purpose For use in applications requiring good activation.

Physical Characteristics of Application

No Test Item Test Result Test Method
1 Silver Chromate Test PASS IPC-TM-650, 2.6.33
2 Copper Mirror Test PASS IPC-TM-650, 2.6.32
3 Copper plate Corrosion PASS JIS-Z-3197, 6.6.1
4 S.I.R Test 1×109 up IPC-TM-650,
5 Electro migration Test 1x1012 up IPC-TM-650,
Application Wave Soldering / HASL Process    

Alloy Composition

(Sn) (Cu) (Zn) (Al) (Sb) (Fe) (As) (Bi) (Cd) (Pb)
REM. 0.6 ~ 0.8 0.001 Max 0.001 Max 0.10 Max 0.02 Max 0.03 Max 0.10 Max 1 PPM 100 PPM