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Solder & Fluxes (Lead Free)

PAI 316P2 Rosin Flux

PAI 316P2 Rosin Flux is designed for both tin-lead & lead-free wave & dip soldering processes. It contains rosin, modified resin and organic activator to improve solder-ability.

Applying Method Dip, Wave methods.

Alloy Composition

Item Typical Level
Amount of Flux Applied Foam: 500~1200 µg/in² of solids/in²
  Spray: 350~830 µg/in² Solids
Topside Preheat Temperature 85℃~130℃ (Best: 100℃~125℃)
Bottom side Preheat Temperature 100℃~145℃(Best: 110℃~130℃)
Maximum Ramp Rate of Topside Temp. 2℃/second maximum
Conveyor Speed 0.7~1.5m/min. Best (0.7~1.1m/min)
Conveyor Angle 4°   ~8°   (6°   most common)
Dwell Time 2~6sec
Solder Pot Temp. 255℃~265℃(Sn/Ag3.0~4.0/Cu 0.5~0.9 Solder Bar)
  265℃~280℃(Sn/Cu 0.7 Solder Bar)
  250℃~260℃ (Sn/Pb37 Solder Bar)

Technical Specification

Item Result
Appearance Light Yellow Semi Liquid
Specific Gravity ,20℃ 0.825 ± 0.010
Acid Number, mg KOH/g 19.0 ± 4.5
Solids Content,, 14.3 ± 0.3

Storage, Shelf Life Indication

Store in cool place and tighten the cap. Do not expose to sunlight or heat source. 12 Months from the Date of manufacturing.

Safety Indication

The flux must not be used near open flames or near non-flameproof electrical equipment. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet as the primary source of health and safety information.