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PAI SP604 (SnAg0.1Cu0.5+Ni+Ge) Solder Bar

PAI SP-604 RoHS Compliance Solder Sticks are being formulated with High Virgin Raw Metals Processed in state-of-the-art Vaccualloy Technology that brings world class Quality along. Here, Oxygen interaction with Alloy is Nil and thus, Dross formulation is reduced at PCB Assembly Process. Also an increase flow rate & reduced impurities found. PAI SP-604 Alloy is compatible for a typical range of Flux Application Formulas used in Electronics Industry Today.

Storage & Handling

Alloy Composition

(Sn) Ag Cu Ni Ge Bi Zn Fe Al As Cd
REM. 0.1%~0.12% 0.5% Max 0.04% Max 0.005 Max 0.10% Max 0.002% Max 0.02% Max 0.002% Max 0.03% Max 0.002% Max

Physical Characteristics of Application

Alloy SnAg0.1Cu0.5Ni0.06Ge0.01
Shape Rectangular Form
Density 7.4gm/cm³ at 200C
Melting Point 2170C ~2190C
Standard Package Quantity 25Kgs
Application Wave Soldering / HASL Process
Standards Considered JIS-Z-3282
Shelf Life 10 Years

Technical Specifications

Technical Factors Recommended Specifications
Solder Pot Temperature 260°C to 272°C
Dwell Time 3 Sec to 5 Sec
Immersion 0.5% to 0.70% of PWBs Thickness that being Processed
Dross Recovery Once in Every 8 Hours
Impurities Level Check In-House Specifications
Cu Content <1%
Other Factors Refer Liquid Flux Manufacturer Specifications for desired Yields