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PAI Solvent / Thinner

PAI Solvent / Thinner is exclusively designed for retaining Flux Solid concentration in Wave Soldering Liquid Fluxes to get maximum Performance and defect free Soldering.


During Processing the Liquid Fluxes, it is tend to evaporate when oxygen interfaces at Fluxing Process and loses its required Specific Gravity. To retain Factory established formulation & characteristics of Liquid Fluxes, PAI Solvent/Thinner is to be added with respect to maintain required Specific Gravity of respective Fluxes. Especially applicable at Foam or Wave Type Fluxing Processes in Wave Soldering Systems.

It is used widely as a solvent and as a cleaning fluid, especially for dissolving oils

Feature & Benefits

Storage Life & Indication

Safety Indication

Technical Specifications

Property Test Method Unit Spec Result
Purity GAS CHRO Wt % > 99.8 99.98
Color ASTM D 1209 APHA < 5 2
Water ASTM D 1364 Wt % < 0.05 0.0060
SP.GR (20/4 C) ASTM D 1298 - 0.785~ 0.787 0.786
Acidity ASTM D 1613 Wt ppm <10 2
KMNO4_Test ASTM D 1363 Min >  30 40
R.E(Residue  after Evaporation) ASTM D 1353 Wt ppm <15 4