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Overhead Static Eliminator (Ionizer) Z209

The generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges, both surface and airborne, poses a serious problem in various industries, work areas & laboratories. For instance, static charges can cause havoc in the electronic assembly shop floor.

This OVERHEAD unit can be conveniently hung over the work area for a large coverage to neutralize the charges on personnel or on any item entering an ESD sensitive area. This is achieved with a stream of ionized air. "Ion showering" is the only effective method of removing static charges from non-conductive objects and surfaces.

The unique high-efficiency pulse circuitry provides fast discharge with limited air flow. It works on the principle of high-voltage corona discharge to produce the neutralizing ions.

Ion Balance is maintained irrespective of supply voltage and even if the discharge electrodes are dirty. Balanced output is essential when used in critical ESD sensitive areas.

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