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Magnifier & Visual Inspection Systems

Illuminated Magnifier- L104DX

Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier Deluxe Model

Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier Deluxe Model with Movable Base (L104DX+L104B)


  • A wide field lens that allows crystal clear, distortion free view at 4 X Area magnification.
  • The large size allows free head movement that leads to more comfort.
  • 2 independent side lamps allow choice of shadow free or directional lighting.

This is a premium model that provides the best in optics – a wide field lens, made of high quality color free optical glass; and an easily maneuverable stand with fully concealed balancing mechanism.


  • Lens : Specially designed, distortion controlled high quality lens correctly sized for both eyed (bi-ocular) vision.
  • Lens Size : 170mm x105 mm, with power 3.2D. Provides about 4 times area magnification.
  • Working clearance below lens mount is 250 mm, and field seen can be up to 250 mm.
  • Illumination : 2 x7 watt standard CFLs with independent switches that enable shadow free or directional bright illumination in the work area.
  • Stand : Highly optimized design , spring balance stand with feather-touch movement to place lens in the correct position and orientation. Lens center can reach out 900 mm in front of mount axis with up to 360 degrees swivel.