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Soldering & De-soldering Equipments (Sharang)

Fume Absorber

Soldering smoke may contain Salicyclic acid, Pinene, Collophonium and other noxious chemicals which are harmful to health when inhaled. This causes nausia and headaches. The long term effects can be more severe. The gases released from the flux during soldering can also irritate the eyes. Soldering fumes are recognized as a serious health hazard in the electronic industry.

FUMEX is a compact, portable, self-standing, low noise unit which can be set at different angles for maximum smoke absorption and is specially designed to suck the harmful fumes away from the operator and absorbed onto an activated carbon filter. FUMEX is designed for table top operation.



Dimensions in mm 170 x 150 x 80
Weight 1.2 kg
Power supply 230 V AC, 2 pin, 5 Amps
Power consumption 15 Watts
Filtration media Activated carbon filter
Air delivery By 80 cfm axial fan
Air velocity upstream 2.0 m/s