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ESD Test & Measurement Instruments & Eliminators

ESD Access Control System Z2056A - Body Voltage Monitor

This instrument is designed to detect the level of Static Charges present on a human body andallow access into an ESD safe area provided the Body Static voltage is under 100V.

It is very simple to use and only requires the personnel to Press & Hold the Test Button on the instrument. If the Body voltage is under 100V, the Green PASS Led will light and the magnetic lock is deactivated for a few seconds thereby allowing access through a door or turnstile.

The personnel should normally be free of Static Voltage provided proper ESD protection measures have been taken. Therefore, it also serves to verify whether the measures taken to make a particular area ESD safe are effective. By such measures we mean conductive flooring, ESD wrist straps & Footwear, ionizing equipment, etc.