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Ionizing Air Gun

What it does?
The Ion Air Gun along with it’s HV Power Supply and Air Compressor forms a system which is designed to neutralise static charges upto a distance of 1m. (Air Compressor and air hose not supplied by us) It removes static, contaminants and dust from flat surfaces as well as solid objects prior to assembly, packaging, painting and finishing. This makes the GS4000 an effective local area cleaner.

Itgives a self-balanced ion output which is suitable even if the air is to be blown onto critical electronic components, open PCBs or assemblies. This ensures that no residual charge of either polarity is left over.

How it works?
The GS4000 incorporates a High Velocity Air jet and electrically charged emitter points. The compressed air passing through the gun gets ionized and this ion rich air is capable of neutralising static charges very rapidly. The air flow can be easily controlled and regulated from a gentle breeze to a high blast, by squeezing the trigger.