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ERSA Soldering Equipments

i-CON 2 Digital Soldering & De-soldering Station

i-CON2 offers all the value- added features of the revolutionary i-CON in a double iron digital station with multiple soldering and / or de-soldering tools for maximum flexibility.

The X-TOOL is a high powered de-soldering iron designed for the toughest through hole de-soldering applications which must be used in combination with the CU compressor unit.

1IC2000AXTA67 i-CON2 soldering station, complete, with i-TOOL soldering iron 0100Cdj, tip 0102CdlF16, holder 0A50 and dry sponge with container 0A08MSET as well as with compressor unit 0CU103A, X-Tool de-soldering iron 0720Edj, tip 0722Ed1226 and holder 0A44 120 W.