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ERSA Soldering Equipments

ERSA - SR 100 - ERSA Wire Dispenser

Ersa solder fume extractions satisfy with high exhaust power and super silent operation!

Ersa solder fume extraction units are based on over 15 years of experience in process air cleaning by Ersa. They stand out by a high suction power and an efficient filter performance combined with su- per silent operation. Exhaust volume per arm is 110 m³/h. Both the EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2 are equipped with filters that clean the process air in three stages: The pre-filter absorbs dust and big particles. The combined filter separates micro particles which occur during soldering and absorbs dangerous gas molecules in the incorpo- rated activated carbon filter.

The operator can choose between a system with one exhaust arm – the EASY ARM 1 – and a unit with two exhaust arms – the EASY ARM 2. Both units can be mounted individually by means of their table clamp. Exhaust power is set indepen- dently for each extraction arm at the touch of a button. The EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2 use an identical pre-filter and combined filter. Opti- cal and acoustical signals inform the operator when filters have to be exchanged. A wide range of exhaust arms and nozzles for all applications are available so that the user will find the proper solution for his requirements.

For energy saving purposes and to extend filter lifetime, both units can be connected with Ersa i-CON soldering stations or a standby switch. In this way, the extraction unit is only working whilst the attached soldering station is in operation, stopping as soon as the soldering station goes into standby mode.