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Bar Type - Static Eliminator Z2075

The generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges, both surface and airborne, poses a serious problem in various industries and processes. For example, static charges can lead to sticking and crumpling of polyester films while being processed on the machines. Collection of dust and other particulate contaminants on surfaces due to static is another example. The discharge bars and the power supply are used primarily in cases where disruptive static charges on fast moving material webs impair production processes and need to be eliminated.

How it works ?
This static eliminator works on the principle of high voltage corona discharge, to produce the neutralising ions. This Static eliminator system is designed to neutralize the charges by the “Ion showering” process wherein the surface charges present are neutralised. It is designed for continuous use and the unique “Shockless bars” ensure total safety even if the electrodes are accidently touched.

Application Area


Note : Not to be used near flammable gases, vapours or materials.